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I have gotten several inquiries lately asking if we are still shipping seeds. The answer is YES. Nothing has changed except that we will no longer grow our organic Bhut Jolokia peppers commercially. I was just overwhelmed with all of the work--it's a bear to grow 400 plants organically. I will still be here to answer your questions, or to give you advice. I will still be growing the Bhut Jolokia pepper in my own garden along with several other varieties of peppers and of course all of my other fruits and vegetables. So, please keep those orders coming. We ship within 24 hours on any weekday order (Fridays before 2PM please).

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Your Bhut Jolokia seeds will last at least 5 years in the freezer. It is best to keep them as airtight as possible when freezing. It is important that they are stored in the back of the freezer as this location will not be subjected to as much temperature change when the door is open. Freeze them in small quantities if you are going to be planting in small quantities. Good luck and once again, thank you for your business.

Thank you for taking interest in our seeds. The Bhut Jolokia peppers and seeds, originally grown in India, are not available in your standard grocery stores or markets. We've gone through great lengths and care in order to provide you with the highest quality ORGANIC seeds.

Our peppers rate approximately 900,000 Scoville Heat Units tested by HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography). Our peppers are 100% organic, are hotter than anything available online, taste better and are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Each and every pepper is hand-picked, de-seeded by hand, and is pampered from seeds to fruit. Our peppers are expensive but they are the best, and are in demand by many professional chefs and 4 and 5 star restaurants throughout the USA. We are the only company that offers fresh organic Bhut Jolokia peppers all year round.

We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have and ensure the highest level customer service while helping you place your order.

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Our red habanero peppers are big, beautiful and hot! 100% organic from the finest soil in Hawaii, this perennial will produce a bountiful harvest for many years. We have a very limited supply of these seeds so first come first served.

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All of our peppers products are organically grown in Hawaii. They are then taken to the USDA in Honolulu where they are inspected and approved for shipment. All of our products are then shipped to our San Diego office and posted from that location. All of our pepper products do not contain seeds per USDA regulations.

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hot chili pepper seeds

Chili pepper seeds produce the berry fruit that comes from the genus Capsicum plant which is a member of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. These hot pepper seeds produce a chili pepper that can be used in a variety of ways. Our organic bhut jolokia peppers are classified as Capsicum chinense.

Common species of the chili pepper are the Capsicum annuum, which include bell peppers, paprika, cayenne, jalapeños, and chiltepin; the Capsicum frutescens, which includes Tabasco, cherry peppers, malagueta to name a few; the Capsisum chinense, which includes the hottest of the chili pepper varieties, including the bhut jolokia (or naga jolokia), and habanero; the Capsicum pubescens, which include the South American rocoto peppers; and the Capsicum baccatum, which includes the South American aji peppers. Out of all these varieties, chili peppers are commonly placed into three categories–bell peppers, sweet peppers, and hot peppers.

The intensity of the chili pepper is measured with a Scoville rating system which measures the Scoville heat units (SHU), which is the number of times a chili extract would need to be diluted with sugar syrup in order to lose its heat. To put the Scoville rating into perspective, bell peppers have a 0 SHU rating, jalapeños have a 3,000 to 6,000 SHU rating, habaneros have a 300,000 SHU rating, and bhut jolokia peppers have a 1,000,000 rating.

Capsaicinoids are responsible for the pain felt from the heat of a chili pepper. When the capsaicinoids bind with pain receptors in the mouth and throat, a message is sent to the brain which then creates the sensations and reactions of heat.

A variety of hot pepper seeds can be found for sale right here on our website. Purchase some today to test the level of intensity you are able to handle.